L.A. - When the Dead Rise

Stick A Spork In Him

Day 2 8:22am

David makes it through the night. Max informs the others that the wound has improved and he feels better about his chances of survival. David has stabilized and has been semi conscious since dawn. Max leaves David with Ranger Sam, who promises to watch over the patient.

Rich, Thomas, Max, Peter, and Montana take Max’s Toyota. Max drives the armed group back South to Santa Clarita. They pass some cars fleeing north out of the L.A. area, but there are no cars traveling south. Stopping at a Seven Eleven, Montana and the others step into the store searching for supplies. In the store, the men see that it is almost bare and the place has been ransacked. Peter discovers the clerk behind the counter, shot in the face at close range.

Making sure that no gunmen are lurking nearby, the group sweeps the store. No one is inside. Max turns on the pumps and runs out to fill up his tank. Thomas and Rich gather two loaves of bread, a 2 liter of Pepsi, a box of twinkies, a quart of motor oil, and five cases of beer from inside the cooler in back. Thinking quickly, Thomas searches the clerk’s corpse. He discovers his wallet and keys. The keys match a ‘95 Camry in the parking lot. Looking at his I.D. Thomas gives the address to Max who drives to the deceased Larry Minor’s place.

Larry’s trailer is run down. Using the keys, Thomas leads the group into the mobile home. Searching the home, the group gathers beer, canned goods, bags of doritos, soda, and trash bags. a glance at the back door reveals a pit bull on a chain. Montana steps out and sweet talks the dog before giving it some dry food found inside. Meanwhile inside Thomas and Max gather clothing from the dead clerk’s room. During the search, Peter discovers a trap door in the closet floor. Underneath, Peter’s flashlight reveals a toxic meth lab below.
Montana frees the dog and put him in the back of the SUV while the others load the rest of the food and clothes.



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