L.A. - When the Dead Rise

One Step Ahead

Day 4 8:02am

Montana offers to drive the SUV down to Long Beach this morning. David wants to come with the group but Max is adamant that he get more rest from his gunshot. The other men climb into the vehicle and it departs.

The group see no living survivors during their trip to the pier. They see about a dozen groups of zombies during the drive. Montana reaches the Long Beach pier. The gates are closed and padlocked with a chain. The group gets out and scans the area for any signs of military, police, security, or other survivors. No one finds any other signs of living people. Peter breaks the lock and the group drives to the offices.

Inside the building someone has ransacked the offices. Paperwork lies scattered everywhere and the filing cabinets are knocked over. Max notices that several of the company semis are missing from the lot nearby. Max and Thomas grab the two remaining trucks and drive them back to the Chinese vessel. Several of the containers are missing from the ship. The A crane is also destroyed. The last operator’s corpse is smashed by a mangled container that swung into the crane’s cab killing the man.

The group offloads a container with assorted hardware and the second full of food. Max and Thomas climb aboard the big trucks with Peter and Montana riding shotgun positions. The group leaves the pier and drives North on the I-5. Stopping briefly in Santa Clarita, Peter grabs the Toyota Camry that the group had stashed near the on ramp several days ago.

The two trucks, the car, and the SUV return to Camp Alpha. The group discusses creating a secure area using the containers should zombies or hostile humans show up at their doorstep. Thomas and Montana discuss the need for some construction equipment. Talking to Ranger Sam the group learns of some new home construction on the west side of Castaic. They make plans to drive there in the morning to gain more plunder for their group of survivors.



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