L.A. - When the Dead Rise


Day 6 9:37am

Thomas, Montana, Rich, and Max leave Camp Alpha for some new construction sites in Castaic. Driving down the gravel road towards town they pass an RV parked in a clearing off the road. Rich backs up and the men cautiously get out with their firearms and slowly approach the travel camper.

As they near the expensive RV, the door swings open and a brunette woman with a pistol jumps down and speaks. The young brunette says, " Oh my god, are we glad to see you!" She approaches Montana and hugs him, before hugging the others as well. Max asks the woman who introduces herself as Bonnie if there are others. Bonnie says that her two girlfriends are inside getting dressed. She says that Joanna’s boyfriend, James, was killed two days ago while the stopped looking for food near Malibu.

A blonde and an older brunette with red streaked hair exit the RV. The brunette, Joanna is carrying a shotgun. Faye the blonde is unarmed. Montana asks them where they are headed and Bonnie tells him that they are just trying to stay away from the biters. Montana says that he would like to check their camper for others just so he knows the ladies are being truthful. Faye tells him to look around. The rancher enters the RV and looks for any hidden people who might be sick or armed. He finds no one and tells the others that it is all clear.

Max and Thomas confer with the other two men and they agree to escort the women back to Camp Alpha. Joanna rides back in the SUV while Thomas rides with Bonnie to the campground. Returning to the cabins and the makeshift camp, Montana introduces the women to everyone in camp. Montana Rick and the others depart after an hour’s delay.

Driving the SUV and Ranger Sam’s pickup, the men locate the new housing that was being built. Max locates a backhoe already on a trailer. He also locates a Bobcat and drives it up onto the trailer, once he re-positions the backhoe. The group gathers bags of cement, 2 × 6′s, cinder blocks, plumbing pipe, several shovels, and a giant spool of electrical wiring. The four survivors load the pickup, the trailer, the SUV, and a panel truck that Rich hotwires. Rich hooks up the panel truck to the trailer and he tows it back to the camp. Max drives a grader back, while Thomas drives the pickup, and Montana operates the SUV.

Returning back to camp, the men discover that a tree is down onto one of the food shipping containers and it had damaged that roof. Upon learning that Peter Long decided to operate one of the chainsaws from the hardware container Thomas curses aloud. Peter defends his decision, but it is clear that the pawnshop magnate knows nothing about timbering. The tree fell the opposite direction that he intended. Thomas picks the chainsaw up and puts it back into the hands of the former store owner and tells him to clear the tree off of the container.



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