L.A. - When the Dead Rise

Getting More

Day 3 6:28am

In the morning Max, Peter, Rick, Thomas and Rich take Max’s SUV back to Long Beach. Thomas operates the crane and loads a container full of solar panels from Japan and the other truck with non-perishable food and canned goods. Max drives the food truck with Rick riding shotgun. Thomas drives the truck loaded with Solar panels with Peter riding with him. Rich drives the SUV.

Traveling through the city the group encounters some undead but they are far enough away that they pose no threat. Thomas notices several abandoned National Guard trucks. The trucks return to Castaic and are parked in the parking lot beside the other trucks. The drivers learn that Ranger Sam, Luther and Jose had driven the Park pickup into Castaic and gathered several mattresses from abandoned homes not far from the camp.

Peter Dinklage asks if the government has destroyed the risen dead. Rich tells him that all signs indicate that the zombies outnumber the living at this point. Montana urges the others to return to Long Beach for another supply run. Max starts the SUV and the other men climb into the blue Toyota with their shotguns and rifles.

The second trip is uneventful. The group offloads a container with outdoor gear and another container of food, this one filled with rice, beans, cashews, and canned fish and vegetables from India. The trucks are loaded and the men drive off for Camp Alpha. Before dark, the two semi trucks and the SUV return to the campsite. The weary men eat food that Rosa and Brittney cooked for the camp. After dinner, Rich comments that he is unable to access the internet with his phone. Others check and discover that no one can get a connection. The survivors set a guard and the others turn in for the night.



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