L.A. - When the Dead Rise

February 2, 2015 - Safety

Castaic, CA 7:12pm

Leaving Los Angeles the hummer, Toyota SUV, and the ’67 Camaro finally reach the interstate. Traveling North on the I-5, the group avoids a number of accidents and sees several zombies during the drive. Max swerves and avoids an accident with a minivan that enters the freeway at a high rate of speed.

A short time later, David directs Rick to pull off the freeway at the Santa Clarita off-ramp. He leads the caravan to large Superstore. Huge crowds are swarming the area. The parking lot is full of cars, trucks, and vans. Spotting a man standing outside of his SUV, David has Rick stop the Hummer. The government operative approaches near the redneck driver of the black Chevy SUV. David tries to bump the man and pickpocket his keys but the redneck, freaks out and quickly draws a pistol from his waistband and proceeds to fire at his attempted pickpocket.

A gunfight ensues, David’s plan has backfired and people outside the store flee in their cars in panic. While he is hunkered down behind a Mitsubishi, David is ambushed from his flank and shot in the abdomen by a large fat woman exiting the store with a cart. Thomas and Montana Rick lay down suppressing fire at the redneck husband and wife while Max rushes over with Jose to snatch up the unconscious David. Max works to stabilize the wound while Rich drives his SUV away from the parking lot.

At an empty lot near an elementary school, the three cars pull over. Max examines David’s wound. It doesn’t look good. There is an ugly look to the wound. Max sterilizes the gunshot and packs the opening with pads and gauze. Thomas and the others mill about with their weapons cursing the gunshot David for his plan to steal the Chevy from the redneck. Once Max is satisfied, the survivors depart Santa Clarita for the I-5.

Using his phone Peter Long leads the three car caravan off the freeway to Castaic. Rick leads the way into the park lands and to a camp ground above Lake Castaic. Disembarking the twelve survivors stretch and examine the surroundings. The campground is a gravel parking lot surrounded by four cabins, one is a park ranger cabin. The hillside above is covered with pines and scrub brush. Scattered brush and a few trees obscure the lake below from the campsite.

As the survivors of 49th and Main Street approach the cabins, a tall man exits the cabin. Rich and Max see that he is dressed in a Park Ranger’s uniform. Max asks him if he is aware of what is going on in the city. The Ranger shakes his head and says that he has seen the news footage from L.A., San Diego, and Las Vegas. He says he is having a hard time believing that dead people are reanimating and killing the living. Max assures the Ranger that it is true and that everyone present witnessed it personally this morning. He tells Ranger Sam that one of their party is wounded and he needs rest.

Rich, the Garage Owner, asks the Park Ranger, Sam, if the group can stay here until the National Guard is able to handle matters. Sam agrees to let the group use the camping cabins. The men return to the vehicles and unload food and weapons into the cabins. Once meals are eaten, most of the survivors drift off to sleep. In the Ranger’s cabin, Max continues to watch over David and giving him several transfusions and IV fluids. The decision is made to strap him down in case he should die and reanimate during the night.



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