L.A. - When the Dead Rise

February 2, 2015 - Quiet Before the Storm

Reseda, CA 2:43pm

The three vehicle caravan has fled downtown Los Angeles. They arrive in a quiet section of Reseda. Low on gas, Max motions the others to a Pump and Go. There the shocked survivors make plans. Thomas agrees to pump gas while Peter, David, and Max head into the store to learn what is going on and gather food and other supplies.


Inside the Pump and Go, the store owner is busily putting together a cardboard display for Valentine’s Day artificial roses. Max locates a tv and watches the muted screen. CNN is broadcasting breaking news from Los Angeles. The scroll reads that the California Governor has called out the National Guard to deal with the unrest and potential health outbreak. The screen shows shaky camera shots of people running in the streets, cars burning in the background, and people being attacked and bitten.

David tells the others that they must secure as much food as they can in a short time and head for higher ground. Peter Long agrees and offers to speak to the Indian store owner. Peter pulls out his platinum credit card and tells the owner he wishes to take all of the food and drink. Rick and David direct Jose, Brittney, and the others as they clear the shelves and coolers.

The tanks filled along with spare gas tanks from inside and packed down with food the group leaves the gas station. A short distance down the the road, Rick Anderson spots a guy washing a hummer outside of his residence. Rick blows his horn and gets Thomas and Max to stop their vehicles. The Montana rancher pulls his classic convertible up and chats with Mike, the car washer. Rick ends up trading his car for the hummer. Mike’s wife likes the car and is happy for the swap. Rick, Conner, Rich, and David load all of the supplies into Hummer and the survivor convoy sets back out north to get away from the terrible events in L.A.



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