L.A. - When the Dead Rise

Chinese Food

Day 2 1:08pm

Max leaves Santa Clarita and has driven south down to Long Beach. Weaving through side streets and avoiding the hordes of zombies beginning to form the SUV reaches the piers at Long Beach.

The group drives out past the open gates and up to offices for the Cargo Shipping Office. Inside Thomas, Rich, Montana, and Peter try pulling up cargo manifests up on the desktop computers without luck. Max locates papers that list shipping containers aboard the Chinese ship “Xiamen”. Finding that the ship is still in port and still loaded, the group locates two transfer trucks that Thomas and Max take down to the pier.

Thomas climbs up to the crane and locates two of the food containers and sets them down onto the trucks. Thomas climbs down and rejoins the others on the ship. The group is suddenly confronted by two Chinese sailors who point a large gun at the Americans on the deck. Realizing they are pointing a flare gun, Montana Rick speaks to the two sailors. He asks them if they speak English. One of the crewmen tells Rick that he does. Montana asks them their names and learns they are Lee Ho and Ming. Montana asks them if they know what is happening in the city. Lee Ho tells them he knows trouble with people biting others and them getting sick and dying. Lee Ho tells Rick that Captain Wu got sick and died but he is restless and his spirit will not leave his body.

Rick asks about the other crewmen and Lee Ho says they fled in terror to the city when Wu tried to get out of his cabin. Rick confers with the others and they decide to help the two sailors. Rick asks them if they would like to come with them to a safe camp in the mountains. The sailors discuss the matter and agree to help the Americans. Peter locates the container with portable generators and Montana breaks the seal. The group loads three of the generators into the SUV.

Lee Ho and Ming grab their gear while Thomas and the others gather an arc welder, rod and torches, hand tools, acetylene torch, sheet metal, and wrenches and load the items into the cargo containers. Thomas and Max climb into the trucks while Rick, Peter, and Rich return to the SUV. Lee Ho and Ming ride with Max in his Semi cab. The group departs Long Beach and drives back to Castaic using the South bound lanes on 1-5 to avoid the wrecked cars and debris in the North Bound lanes out of Los Angeles. While driving back Montana picks up an Emergency Broadcast Message on the static filled radio. The following message is from the CDC. It asks the citizens to remain calm during the emergency and to shelter in place until order is restored by the government.

The trucks reach the campgrounds just after 7pm and the campers are happy to see the large trailers full of food. Max goes to the Ranger’s cabin to find David is awake and his restraints have been removed. Max checks the wound and sees no sign of infection. The survivors make room for Lee Ho and Ming and discuss getting some extra mattresses from town in the morning.



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