L.A. - When the Dead Rise

Doctor Shopping

Day 7 3:02pm

Max drives his Toyota SUV to the campus of UCLA. With Max are David, Peter, Rich, and Montana Rick. Thomas remained in camp to operate the heavy equipment and work on arranging the containers into a defensive wall to fend off zombies or hostile humans.

UCLA campus is swarming with undead. Max backs up close to a door into UCLA Medical and the group exits out through the rear of the SUV. With flashlights the five men search inside the building for any survivors. On the second floor they encounter a mass of 15 zombies trying to claw their way into a storage closet.

Carefully aiming at the distracted undead, the L.A. survivors shoot at the assembled zombies. David fires quickly and kills two with headshots. Montana blasts another and it falls. Max positions a gurney between the undead and the party. A female zombie tries to climb over the barrier to bite the armed men. David shoots two more zombies down, Montana Rick takes down another, and Max shoots the dead woman trying to eat Rich. With a few more shots Montana shoots two more down; David and Max each slay another zombie each.

Thinking quickly the group pushes the gurney at the remaining four biters. Rich, Peter, Rick, and David push the gurney and pin the zombies against the wall. Max uses his fire axe to dispatch the remaining risen dead. Clearing the corpses from in front of the storage closet, the men discover the door is locked but movement can be heard from the other side. David hears someone call out from behind the door. David tells the person that the hallway is safe. The door opens and the saviors see a man and five women dressed in scrubs and lab coats. In desperation the people had opened several iv bags to drink while they were trapped by the mini-horde. Max and Rich offer them water and the few energy bars and slim jims that they were carrying. Max asks the medical staff to grab any needed medical supplies before the group descends back down to the ground floor. Looking outside the SUV is surrounded by a large host of zombies.

Peter suggests that they check to see if any of the helicopters are still atop the roof since he can fly choppers. Dr. Perez tells them she has no idea if any of the helicopters remain. She says that things got really chaotic when the sick started dying and re-animating and killing staff and patients alike. Climbing stairs the group reaches the fifth floor. Turning a corner, the survivors find themselves facing a unknown number of hungry biters.



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